April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This month is different than the others since we are experiencing a shelter in place order on a state-wide level. This deeply impacts survivors for a variety of reasons. Sheltering in place means that the services provided to survivors are more limited, and that some people who are at home with a perpetrator are at higher risk of being victims of violence during this order. Although the way services are being delivered might look different, help is still available and it is important for survivors to know that they are not alone despite the current circumstance. Here are some ways in which local support is still available to survivors and those who know someone in need:

For situations in which you or someone else is in danger please call 911.

For support related to sexual assault and human trafficking:

Verity Rape Crisis Hotline:

 For support related to domestic violence:

YWCA Domestic Violence Hotline:

 For support in filing for victim’s compensation, restitution, or updates on a criminal case that has been filed in court:

Sonoma County Victim Services Division

(707) 565-8250

 For information on legal matters including Temporary Restraining Orders, and housing matters:

Legal Aid

(707) 542-1290

 If you have a question for law enforcement and are not in danger you can call the following non-emergency numbers our local law enforcement agencies:

Santa Rosa Police Department                      Sonoma Police Department                             

Phone (707) 543-3600                                                 Phone (707) 996-3602


Cloverdale Police Department                                   Windsor Police Department
Phone (707) 894-2450                                     Phone (707) 565-2121


Healdsburg Police Department                      Sebastopol Police Department
Phone (707) 431-3377                                     Phone (707) 829-4400


Petaluma Police Department                          Rohnert Park Police Department
Phone (707) 778-4370                                     Phone (707) 584-2600



If you are in need of food, Redwood Food Bank is still open and operating. For more information, call:

Redwood Food Bank