Reporting Sexual Assault

It's entirely your choice to report an assault.

Reporting Sexual Assault

It’s Your Choice

Reporting sexual assault to the police is your choice and yours alone. If you are afraid of reporting because you fear you won’t be believed, we are here to advocate for you. If you are afraid of reporting because you have committed crimes, you can still get justice.

Here are some benefits of reporting sexual assault:

  • Reporting within 72 hours of the assault will allow for valuable evidence to be collected.
  • Should your case be prosecuted, this increases the chances of apprehending the suspect and successfully prosecuting.
  • Reporting is empowering. It gives survivors a chance to discuss what has happened and regain some of their personal control.
  • Reporting the crime will ensure that medical expenses, including a forensic medical exam and costs for emergency care, may be paid by public compensation funds.
  • Reporting and prosecuting are essential to sexual assault prevention and the protection of other potential victims by stopping or deterring repeat offenders.
  • Reporting attests to the fact that sexual assault really happens and that this crime will not be suffered in silence.
  • Reporting can help support the case of a survivor who had previously reported a crime committed by your own attacker. The information you provide might be just enough to help them close their case and get justice.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not you want to report, call our confidential advocates at (707) 545-7273. We are not able to share anything you tell us unless you give us permission in writing. We are here for you and only you.

Reporting To The Correct Agency

If you decide you do want to report sexual assault, the agency you need to report to depends on where the crime occurred.

For reporting sexual assault in Sonoma County:

Cloverdale: (707) 894-2450
Cotati: (707) 792-4611
Healdsburg: (707) 431-3377
Petaluma: (707) 778-4370
Rohnert Park: (707) 584-2600
Santa Rosa: (707) 543-3595
Sebastopol: (707) 829-4400
Sonoma: (707) 996-3602
Windsor: (707) 565-2121

To report sexual assault anywhere else in Sonoma County outside the above cities’ limits, call (707) 565-8255

(707) 545-7273

Our crisis line is available 24/7. Just click to call.

Rape Crisis Intervention

Our rape crisis intervention line is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Support Groups

We provide support groups for survivors of sexual assault and for their loved ones who may be struggling with their own feelings.

Trauma Counseling

We encourage our clients back into their lives by recognizing sexual assault as trauma, which is something that we all, as humans, can relate to.


We are working remotely and in-office at all locations on a staggered schedule. Please be certain to call in advanced before making plans to visit our physical locations, either at the FJC or on Steele Lane. We are still operating within our normal business hours.  Please keep this in mind when contacting us, as we may not be immediately  available via our office numbers, but will get your call soon.  Our crisis line is fully operational so if you have an emergency, please call our crisis line.

Immediate Crisis

If you have an immediate crisis, please call our rape crisis intervention hotline at (707) 545-7273 or call 911 for emergency services.

Other Inquiries

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