Trauma Counseling

Healing and support for victims, families, and friends.

Sonoma County Trauma Counseling

Sexual Assault Trauma Counseling

Verity is widely recognized as the leader in Sonoma County sexual assault trauma counseling. While we offer counseling for trauma of all different types, sexual assault remains one of our core areas of expertise.

We encourage our clients back into their lives by recognizing sexual assault as trauma, which is something that we all, as humans, can relate to. No one should be alone in their pain and we all deserve to know that others understand.

Expanded Trauma Counseling

We recognize that clients may be dealing with multiple different types of trauma. Our counseling department offers healing modalities that support each issue and each trauma. Expanding our service area to include all types of trauma survivors and their support system has been a natural next step in encompassing the needs of our community.

We strongly believe that every client deserves a secure place to heal with an agency that understand that process and that individual path of moving forward. Our focus on supporting trauma survivors, their families, friends, and significant others is a unique addition to Sonoma County’s other counseling services providers.

Who We Serve

We provide trauma counseling services to a wide range of people in our community, which includes:

  • Adults, teens, adolescents, and children age 6 and older
  • Veterans and active duty members of the military
  • Female and male survivors
  • Survivors outside the gender binary
  • Transgender survivors
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and queer survivors
  • Family, friends, and support people of survivors

Counseling services are provided in individual, group, couple, and family counseling environments, depending on the needs of our clients.

Costs And Confidentiality

All of our counseling services are provided free of charge. To make the best use of our financial resources and to provide quality service, we ask clients who take advantage of counseling services to help with a donation whenever possible. We do accept victims compensation, but we do not accept private insurance.

Confidentiality is essential to effective therapy and support services. Professional ethics require that we protect the confidentiality of people who seek help from us. A signed permission form is required before any information about a client is released to anyone outside the agency.

The only exceptions to our confidentiality policy are when there is:

  • Threat of immediate harm to self or others
  • Suspected child abuse
  • Suspected elder/dependent adult abuse

If you have questions about our confidentiality policies, please contact us.

(707) 545-7273

Our crisis line is available 24/7. Just click to call.

Rape Crisis Intervention

Our rape crisis intervention line is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Support Groups

We provide support groups for survivors of sexual assault and for their loved ones who may be struggling with their own feelings.

Volunteer At Verity

Volunteering with Verity is both a challenging and rewarding way to help the local community. Come join our team...

Donate Today!

We need supporters like you to continue to make our services possible. Counseling is provided free of charge because of our generous donors and grantors.

Visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming community events, support groups, and volunteer opportunities.


We are working remotely and in-office at all locations on a staggered schedule. Please be certain to call in advanced before making plans to visit our physical locations, either at the FJC or on Steele Lane. We are still operating within our normal business hours.  Please keep this in mind when contacting us, as we may not be immediately  available via our office numbers, but will get your call soon.  Our crisis line is fully operational so if you have an emergency, please call our crisis line.

Immediate Crisis

If you have an immediate crisis, please call our rape crisis intervention hotline at (707) 545-7273 or call 911 for emergency services.

Other Inquiries

For all other inquiries about Verity, including the services we provide, upcoming events, or volunteer opportunities, please call (707) 545-7270 or fill out the contact form on this page. We will reply within two business days.

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