Our Founding

Verity was founded in 1974 with a groundbreaking vision to provide comprehensive, wraparound services to people who had experienced sexual assault and to strive for its eradication through education and awareness-building. To learn more about the history of the anti-rape and sexual assault movement and the evolution of rape crisis centers like Verity, click here. . 

Verity focuses on three key strategies: intervention, prevention education, and counseling. We tailor our support to the unique needs of each survivor to meet them where they are at with their healing journey – from immediate response after an assault throughout their life as needed. In Sonoma County, Verity collaborates with organizations and agencies to foster as comprehensive a response as possible, and we were involved in the co-founding of multi-agency institutions like the Family Justice Center and the Human Trafficking Task Force. Overseen by a board of community volunteers, and staffed by a team of experts in a diverse array of fields, Verity continues its commitment to education, prevention, counseling, and crisis intervention, embodying a history of service and an unwavering dedication to combating sexual violence in Sonoma County.