“I like coming here. It helps me in my life.”

“My group facilitator is gentle and helps me understand how others speak to me.”

“This has helped me tremendously. I’m glad I no longer feel alone and like I have to hold everything on my own shoulders.”

“I’m happy to be able to express my feelings and problems with someone who can help me be free from it.”

“Even just the sound of my counselor’s voice is comforting and safe when I come to Verity.”

Client Testimonials

Every day our staff works to create an environment of compassion, safety, and support to anyone and everyone who they speak with. We’re grateful to the community for sharing their feedback with us.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. I feel I did a tremendous amount of growth and know how to have a lot more tools to be able to process my emotions.”

“Everything in my life has improved drastically since starting my time at Verity thanks to my counselor and the kindness of all the staff.”

“My counselor is great. She has not forced anything on me. She always gives amazing advice. I love her breathing exercises.”

“I’ve sought counseling at other establishments and have never felt the amount of increasing relief and self-confidence that I am gaining through Verity. I’m thankful for finding out about Verity and happy to have been connected with my counselor.”

“I know I talk a lot and fast. I have a lot to say and I’m really, really glad to have gotten it all out of the end of my time at Verity. My counselor is amazing.”

“Working with my counselor has absolutely been a transformative experience for me.”


We are working remotely and in-office at all locations on a staggered schedule. Please be certain to call in advanced before making plans to visit our physical locations, either at the FJC or on Steele Lane. We are still operating within our normal business hours.  Please keep this in mind when contacting us, as we may not be immediately  available via our office numbers, but will get your call soon.  Our crisis line is fully operational so if you have an emergency, please call our crisis line.

Immediate Crisis

If you have an immediate crisis, please call our rape crisis intervention hotline at (707) 545-7273 or call 911 for emergency services.

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For all other inquiries about Verity, including the services we provide, upcoming events, or volunteer opportunities, please call (707) 545-7270 or fill out the contact form on this page. We will reply within two business days.

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