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In keeping with the mission and philosophy of Verity, the Prevention Education Department aims to increase our community’s awareness of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and child abuse prevention and intervention strategies through classroom and community presentations. Education is key to eliminating sexual violence from our community. All presentations are tailored to each individual group, available in English and Spanish, and free of charge.

Verity has been presenting CAPP (Child Abuse Prevention Project) in our classrooms since 1980 and TAPP (Teen Assault Prevention Project) since 1985. Verity’s Prevention Department focuses on education to youth and outreach to the community. Programs and curricula are individually designed for elementary, middle, and high school audiences, school personnel, and parents.

Prevention Department Staff:

  • Hayly Peacock, Prevention Education Manager ~ 707-545-7270 ext. 12
  • Zach Neeley, Prevention Education Specialist ~ 707-545-7270 ext. 13
  • Joyce Galindo, Bilingual Prevention Education Specialist ~ 707-545-7270 ext. 23

A Note on our Volunteer Prevention Educators

Verity’s Prevention Department would not be possible without the dedicated work of our trained Prevention Education volunteers. All volunteers complete a 30-hour training where they learn a wide range of skills from classroom management to deeper issues around supporting a victim of sexual assault who discloses an incident to them. Through the training, volunteers become Certified Mandated Reporters. All volunteers are fingerprinted and must pass a background check before beginning their volunteer assignments in the classroom.

For information on how to become a prevention educator, contact the Prevention Education Manager at

The Prevention Department offers the following programs:

Programs such as these are as important as they are innovative and are in need of support in order to continue their growth. If you can offer suggestions as to funding or your time as a volunteer, please contact our Prevention Department at

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Volunteer Prevention Educator Training

To become a volunteer, one must attend our 30-hour training including classroom group activity and lecture. The training also includes take-home readings and assignments regarding Verity’s current Prevention Education Curriculum, definitions of sexual assault and harassment, classroom management, and age-appropriate youth interactions. Hours can be used to fulfill volunteer and internship requirements. This training is mandatory for all Prevention Education Department volunteers and interns. Trainings are held approximately twice a year. Specific dates are dependent on demand and availability.

For more information on becoming a Prevention Education Volunteer, please contact the Prevention Education Manager at

Youth Programs

Youth are at risk for sexual assault. One way to reduce risk is to put information and resources in their hands. Students in grades K-12 are educated in an age-appropriate manner. Some of the topics we address include: skill building through role plays, sexual harassment, date rape, gender stereotyping, the media’s influence on rape, community resources, and how to build healthy peer and dating relationships. In our presentations, volunteers use dynamic role-plays and games that involve the youth for an interactive experience. We identify and tailor specific audience needs to our presentations and are happy to accept curricular requests and feedback.

CAPP: Child Abuse Prevention Program

CAPP presentations are offered to elementary school age children. CAPP aims to reduce vulnerability to all forms of abuse by empowering children with knowledge and prevention skills. Presentations range from 45 – 60 minutes, including class time and private time. Private time, occurring at the end of each CAPP presentation, gives the children an opportunity to talk with a CAPP presenter to ask any personal questions or relay any child abuse that they may be experiencing. If abuse is reported by the child a report is made to the proper authorities so that the cycle of violence can end. Our aim is to make children feel less vulnerable and more empowered. In this way, children are more prepared for success as they face future challenges.

CAPP teaches prevention and assertiveness techniques through age-appropriate role-plays and active group discussions. Children learn ways to recognize potentially abusive situations, to say “NO” and how to get away from the situation, to access (and give) peer support and to tell a trusted adult about unsafe situations. CAPP’s message is age-specific. We use age-appropriate language depending on the audience’s grade and maturity level. Through the use of interactive role plays children learn to trust their feelings and intuition. Verity believes that younger children become more enabled when given the opportunity to brainstorm safety skill responses after they have identified different wanted and unwanted touches along with what abusive behavior looks like and is.

Our CAPP presentations instill in children that if abuse does occur, they are never at fault. Youth are also urged to tell a trusted adult immediately after the assault happens. We teach children that they have rights when it comes to their bodies and minds that everyone, regardless of age, should respect. A “NO” yell is one way our program teaches children that they have the power to alarm a perpetrator, stop an attack, and get the attention of a nearby adult.

CAPP also offers workshops to parents and school staff. Parents may partake in an evening meeting at their children’s school where we discuss the content of classroom presentations, and how to address with their children in their home the topic of abuse. School staff receives a similar workshop with the addition of: signs of abuse, mandated reporter roles, and crisis-counseling skills. The effectiveness of CAPP relies heavily on parent and staff involvement in the program. Verity believes that children’s safety depends on collaborative efforts between the child, family, and school.

TAPP: Teen Assault Prevention Program

TAPP provides age-appropriate curricula for both Middle and High School students, teaching skills to identify and prevent sexual violence. TAPP expands student understanding of this complex topic through the presentations itself, role-playing and interactive games and discussion. Standard TAPP workshops for grades 6 – 12 range from 1-2 hours and can be given during class time, at after-school programs, and in teen centers. Two- and three-day long presentations are also available.

TAPP curriculum focuses on identifying myths and facts surrounding sexual assault, communication skill building through role-plays, understanding media and cultural influences on gender stereotypes (i.e. Rape Culture), and bystander intervention skills.

Middle school level TAPP places a large emphasis on sexual harassment while high school level TAPP focuses on rape, communication, and the connection between sexual assault and alcohol and drug use along with the importance of consent and healthy relationships.

Verity’s TAPP program can also be adapted for students with developmental disabilities. The Prevention Department has worked with school psychologists and Sonoma County Office of Education teachers to create developmentally appropriate curricula for different ages and abilities. Contact the Prevention Education Manager for details.

YEP: Youth Empowerment Programs

YEP programs include Verity’s Healthy Relationships workshops, MyStrength programming, and Girls Circle groups. These groups range from 8-20 week sessions and can be held in the classroom setting as well as at teen centers, juvenile probation centers, and after-school programs. Groups can be gender specific or co-ed. All groups focus on building healthier relationships for youth, with their peers, their partners, with authority figures, with the community at large.

Each group caters to the specific needs of the youth involved. Please contact the Prevention Education Manager at for more details or to schedule a workshop.

Vulnerable Youth

In ongoing outreach efforts, Verity’s Prevention Program continually seeks avenues to make contact with our diverse youth population.

Our purpose is two-fold, to provide sexual assault prevention workshops to the targeted youth and to offer diversity/sensitivity training to the community.

Verity provides a curriculum designed specifically for vulnerable youth that focuses on the effects of sexual assault, creating and maintaining boundaries, the roots of sexual assault, drug and alcohol usage, guilt and blame issues associated with surviving sexual assault, and skill building to create healthy relationships.

To schedule a workshop, contact

Parent, Faculty, and Staff Presentations

Verity believes that the most successful prevention work happens when parents and educators work together to send a consistent message to youth. Verity Prevention Educators and Volunteers welcome the opportunity to meet with parents, faculty, and staff one-on-one or in group settings to discuss Verity presentation content as well as ways to speak with youth about these challenging topics. To set up a presentation or to talk more about Verity support services, please contact the Prevention Education Manager at

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CAPP and TAPP are based on California State Welfare and Institution code, Section 18950¹, Section 18976², and supported by Federal Law, Title Nine³. For more information, check out “A Guide to Addressing Teen Dating and Sexual Violence in a School Setting” in our library.
¹18950. The Legislature finds and declares that child abuse is a growing concern in this state.
²18976: Inclusions for primary prevention programs.
³Title IX: Sexual discr 18950. The Legislature finds and declares that child abuse is a growing concern in this state.
Discrimination protections have been expanded to include sexual harassment and teen dating violence.

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