We are hiring a Sexual Assault Advocate

 Job Description

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID19 all Verity positions are remote working from home three days per week.  It is anticipated that in the next two months this will change to remote work from home two days a week and in person three days a week. All remote work must be in the State of California and an area that is approved through the agency.  No out of state or country work is allowed. This position will be primarily housed at the Family Justice Center Sonoma County.

JOB TITLE: Sexual Assault Advocate
HOURS: 40 hours/week
SALARY/ BENEFITS: $23.00/hour Generous sick and vacation accrual.


Intervention Manager

    OVERVIEW: Under the direct supervision of the Intervention Manager of Verity and in collaboration with Redwood Children’s Center (RCC) working primarily off-site in a co-located collaborative environment at the Family Justice Center Sonoma County (FJCSC). Serve as an advocate with Verity and Redwood Children’s Center, including accompaniments at child forensic interviews held on-site at Redwood Children’s Center. Duties include but are not limited to assisting survivors of sexual assault, human trafficking, rape and other trauma caused by sexual violence; serving as a client advocate with Verity and Redwood Children’s Center; and providing accompaniments at child forensic interviews held on-site at Redwood Children’s Center.

Candidates must understand cultural humility and be committed to working with a diverse client population. Offer of position is contingent upon completion of Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office Background Check. Upon initial review of background packet, if all appears to be in order, then the paid training period of this position can begin. 


Crisis Intervention/Accompaniment/Advocacy Services:

  • Provide medical/legal accompaniment services to Redwood Children’s Center clients and their families to ensure interviews have Verity accompaniment services
  • Provide in-person, remote, and telephone crisis intervention for Verity/RCC clients
  • Support survivors through the investigative and criminal justice systems by providing case status information, explaining investigative and prosecution processes, and accompanying victims to law enforcement interviews, medical exams, and court 
  • Provide follow up and on-going advocacy services
  • Support client RCC survey participation
  • Conduct pre-intake calls with clients to prepare them for their visit to RCC
  • Coordinate with Verity and RCC teams to ensure adequate service delivery 
  • Take ownership of RCC/Advocate meeting; provide case updates
  • Provide crisis intervention with walk-ins and or crisis line calls as needed.

Administrative Duties:

  • Attend once monthly Verity staff meetings, providing input and updates regarding client needs at FJCSC, as well as staffing or other relevant updates from FJCSC to Verity staff 
  • Attend weekly RCC staff meetings
  • Attend weekly Intervention Department meetings
  • Attend monthly check in meetings at FJCSC
  • Complete monthly paperwork in a timely manner, most importantly data entry for grant consideration and requirements
  • Work as a team player, collaborating effectively with other staff/MDT members
  • Collect, maintain and input accurate confidential client information into Verity’s and RCC database systems as required
  • Adhere to all Verity personnel policies and protocols and RCC Code of Conduct
  • Serve as Verity liaison at the Family Justice Center Sonoma County and the RCC
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as required by Executive Director or supervisor to facilitate the overall effective operation of Verity and service delivery at RCC
    • Prior experience working or volunteering in related field is required. 
    • Bilingual in Spanish and English is highly desirable 
    • State certification as a California Rape Crisis Counselor—if chosen applicant is not currently certified, the candidate must be able to complete Verity’s Crisis Line Counselor training upon hiring and meet the 2023 NCA Accreditation Standards for training.
    • The selected candidate must complete and be able to pass an extensive background check
    • Must be a self-starter who can work in a team environment and handle a variety of tasks with urgent deadlines
    • Ability to connect and establish trust with a diverse population of clients
    • Ability to interpret and understand instructions, write reports and document client interactions in a clear and concise manner. 
    • Ability to maintain a high level of client confidentiality 
    • Ability to manage a high client caseload
    • High School diploma or GED or equivalent
    • Offer of position is contingent upon completion of Family Justice Center Sonoma County background check and DOJ fingerprint check 

Please send a cover letter, resume and Verity application via email to [email protected] – Verity applications can be downloaded at: ourverity.org/careers/

Resumes will not be considered without a cover letter and completed Verity application.

Verity is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values a diverse workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination. Verity is committed to identifying and developing the skills and leadership of people from diverse backgrounds. Verity strongly encourages people of all genders, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence, people with disabilities, veterans, and members of traditionally marginalized groups to apply.