Support Groups

Support Groups

About Our Groups

We provide support groups for survivors of sexual assault and for their loved ones who may be struggling with their own feelings. Support groups are offered to women, men, teens, and are facilitated by State of California Certified Sexual Assault Counselors, as well as supervised MFT Trainees and Registered MFT Interns. MFT trainees and MFT interns are supervised and trained by Sharon Bergeron, who is a licensed MFT. Our groups offer an opportunity to:

  • Share your experience in a safe environment
  • Hear about others’ experiences
  • Explore ways to address the impact of the abuse/assault
  • Learn strategies to help you respond to the demands of day-to-day living


Current Groups Schedule

Women Survivors of Sexual Assault

(adults and teens welcome, as are folks outside the gender binary)

Mondays, 6 PM -7 PM at Verity: 835 Piner Road, Suite D, Santa Rosa. We do not meet on holidays. For more information, please call us at 707-545-7270 or check the calendar.

Crianza con su niño(a) después de un trauma para los padres y cuidadores

Llame al 707-545-7270 ext. 24 para mas información. Este grupo regresará pronto.

Support group for parents & caregivers of children who have experienced trauma

Please call 707-545-7270 ext. 14 for more information. This group will be brought back soon.

Girls Circle for Young Women ages 13 to 19

Girls Circle is not a drop-in group, but it is free to attend! To enroll or find out more information call (707) 545-7270 ext. 14

MyStrength for Young Men ages 14 to 18

For more information call (707) 545-7270 ext. 14

Healthy Relationships for Young Women & Men ages 14 to 18

For more information call (707) 545-7270 ext. 14


Group Descriptions

Women Survivors of Sexual Assault

For adult and teen women survivors, we provide a Drop-In Support Group on Monday nights from 6-7pm. at Verity. Having a place to come, where you are understood and you can listen to others as they share their struggles and successes, can be an opportunity to connect. You can just sit and listen if you don’t want to talk. It may feel easier to be alone, but it might also be nice to have someone understand.


Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma: Monthly Skills and Support Group for Parents

Children who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse need extra support and may develop challenging behaviors and emotions.  Parents and caregivers also need support and guidance to nurture their children, families, and themselves.

This monthly skills and support group for parents and caregivers will address:

  • Common emotional, behavioral, and psychological reactions children have to experiencing trauma, and how to support your child in coping with them.
  • Coping with the vicarious trauma of learning about your child’s abuse
  • How to talk to your child about sexual abuse and safety in an age-appropriate way.
  • Positive parenting strategies
  • Connecting with resources and community

Supporting your child through healing from trauma can feel overwhelming.  Help is available, you are not alone. The group is currently on hiatus, but our professionals can help you via the crisis line at 707-545-7273.

Crianza con su Niño(a) Después de un Trauma: Un Grupo Mensual para Padres y Cuidadores

Los niños necesitan apoyo adicional después de experimentar el trauma de abuso sexual, y es posible que se desarrollen comportamientos y emociones difíciles.  Los padres y cuidadores también necesitan apoyo e información para cuidar a sus niños, sus familias, y a si mismos.

Este grupo mensual de habilidades y apoyo para padres y cuidadores enfrentará:

  • Las reacciónes emocionales, psycológicas, y de comportamiento que tienen los niños con frequencia después de experimentar un trauma, y como apoyar a su niño/a en lidiar con esos.
  • Lidiando con el trauma vicario de saber del abuso de su niño/a.
  • Como hablar con su niño/a sobre el abuso sexual y la seguridad, en una manera apropriado para su edad.
  • Estratégias de crianza positiva
  • Conectandose con recursos y con la comunidad

Apoyándole a su niño/a en su proceso de sanar del trauma puede ser agobiante.  La ayuda está a su alcanze, usted no está solo/a. El grupo se encuentra actualmente en receso, pero nuestros profesionales pueden ayudarlo a través de la línea de crisis al 707-545-7273.

Girls Circle for Young Women ages 14 to 18

Girls Circle provides a safe place to talk about your topics with girls like you. If you’re editing what you say because it feels like people are always critical or you just want someone to listen, think about coming to Girls Circle. This low-pressure group is open to any girls ages 14 to 18.

MyStrength for Young Men ages 14 to 18

The MyStrength group provides a relaxed atmosphere to talk about what you need to talk about with other guys. If you’re tired of being told you’re wrong about everything and not having anyone to listen, think about coming to a My Strength group. If you want to be somewhere you won’t be judged and you can be yourself, think about My Strength. This low-pressure group is open to any guys ages 14 to 18.

Healthy Relationships for Young Women & Men ages 14 to 18

Teens and young adults who are disconnected from social supports such as school, family, and work are at particular risk for domestic and sexual violence. Furthermore, many new environmental and social factors contribute to the vulnerability of Sonoma County’s Youth, such as an increase in alcohol consumption, new and different drug addictions, lack of youth cultural competency, an increase in gang violence, family violence and an increase in high-risk behavior which has led to youth becoming sexually active at a younger age. Verity’s Healthy Relationships workshop tackles these issues and other factors, head on.