Educational Groups

Educational Groups


Verity’s Prevention Education Department also facilitates educational groups for young people to build healthier and happier teenagers who understand issues about consent, healthy relationships, and masculinity. If you are interested in hosting a group at a location for 8 weeks, please call (707) 545-7270 x 12.

Girls Circle for Young Women ages 14 to 18

Girls Circle provides a safe place to talk about your topics with girls like you. If you’re editing what you say because it feels like people are always critical or you just want someone to listen, think about coming to Girls Circle. This low-pressure group is open to any girls ages 14 to 18.

MyStrength for Young Men ages 14 to 18

The MyStrength group provides a relaxed atmosphere to talk about what you need to talk about with other guys. If you’re tired of being told you’re wrong about everything and not having anyone to listen, think about coming to a My Strength group. If you want to be somewhere you won’t be judged and you can be yourself, think about My Strength. This low-pressure group is open to any guys ages 14 to 18.

Healthy Relationships for Young Women & Men ages 14 to 18

Teens and young adults who are disconnected from social supports such as school, family, and work are at particular risk for domestic and sexual violence. Furthermore, many new environmental and social factors contribute to the vulnerability of Sonoma County’s Youth, such as an increase in alcohol consumption, new and different drug addictions, lack of youth cultural competency, an increase in gang violence, family violence and an increase in high-risk behavior which has led to youth becoming sexually active at a younger age. Verity’s Healthy Relationships group tackles these issues and other factors head-on.