Military & Veterans

Support for Active-Duty Military and Veterans

Verity offers free, confidential services for survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) who are residents of Sonoma County.

MST is a term defined in the Department of Veteran Affairs as trauma resulting from any sexual assault or repeated sexual harassment while in the military.  Through a grant from the Sonoma County Department of Human Services, Verity is able to provide the veterans, as well as men and women currently serving in the military, free resources that include a support group for female survivors, a support group for male survivors, counseling, and advocacy.  In an effort to serve the multicultural community of Sonoma County, advocacy and case management services are available in Spanish as well as English.

Verity named its program for veterans with MST The Forgotten Warriors Project, which reflects the US military’s history of being unwilling to sexual harassment and sexual assault in its midsts.

Although the military is now working to develop their own programs to respond to MST, The Forgotten Warriors Project is another avenue for veterans and enlisted soldiers who don’t want to formally report their victimization to seek help.

We provide individual counseling and other forms of support to survivors of military sexual trauma of all genders. 

For information on counseling and support groups, please contact:

Katherine Nguyen
Lead Clinician and Counselor
(707) 545-7270, x 19


For information on any other resources, please contact:

Jessica Dorr
Veterans Case Coordinator
(707) 545-7270, x 26