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Verity Counseling

Verity extends counseling services to those clients who have been emotionally, sexually, physically or neglectfully traumatized at sometime in their lives. The Counseling Department at Verity has provided exceptional service to Sonoma County for many years. We have been known in this county as “the place” to send a sexual assault survivor for their healing work. Over the years we expanded our counseling department to provide wraparound services to the survivor’s entire support system. By working with families, friends, and significant others of survivors, we are able to support all individuals affected by this trauma. We work with adults and children who are over the age of six. We provide Individual, Group, Couple, and Family counseling.

Clients may be dealing with multiple types of trauma. Our counseling department offers healing modalities that support each issue and each trauma. Expanding our service area to include all types of trauma survivors and their support system is a natural next step in encompassing the needs of our community.

Working with sexual assault gives our counseling team a unique level of expertise. We encourage our clients back into their lives by recognizing sexual assault as trauma, which is something that we all, as humans, can relate to. No one should be alone in their pain; we all deserve to know that others understand.

Each of us have had trauma in our lives. Each of us has coped with it in a different way. Each of us deserves a secure place to heal with an agency that understand that process, that individual path of moving forward. Verity’s focus on supporting trauma survivors, their families, friends, and significant others is a unique addition to Sonoma County’s counseling services. We specialize in supporting all survivors to become Thrivers.

Who We Serve

Verity provides counseling for individuals and their support system who are dealing with trauma. We continue to specialize in working with sexual assault issues. We work with:

If you are interested in individual, couple, or family counseling, click here. 


Confidentiality is essential to effective therapy and support services. Professional ethics require that we protect the confidentiality of people who seek help from us. A signed permission form is required before information about a client is released to anyone outside the agency, with the following exceptions:

  • Threat of immediate harm to self or others
  • Suspected Child abuse
  • Suspected Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse

Verity Maintains 100% Confidentiality outside of mandated reporting.


All of our counseling services are provided free of charge. To make the best use of our financial resources and to provide quality service, we ask clients who take advantage of counseling services to help with a donation whenever possible. We accept Victims Compensation. We do not accept private insurance.

Want More Information?

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You are not alone.




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