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Our own Ann Clark’s healing, hopeful work was highlighted by the Sonoma Index-Tribune!

From the article:

Have you ever happened upon a small stone with an inspirational message?

In July 2016, Ann Clark started the “Love Hope Joy Project” in Sonoma. As of last month, she had purchased, decorated and placed more than 1,030 decorated stones downtown.

Clark first got the idea when she walked by a posted flyer that announced: “Take what you need,” with little tear-off tags below that read “joy,” “kindness,” “courage” and so on.

“I loved that so much and wanted to take that idea one step further,” she said.

“My project was created with the understanding that times are tough, and if people find little stones offering messages of inspiration, it might bring a little sunshine into their day,” said Clark. “It’s intended solely to uplift the heart of the finder. Keep it and enjoy it. There’s no need to re-hide the stone that you find.”

Clark has made and placed each of the stones herself. Her project brings no profit, has no ulterior motive and no proselytizing – it’s just meant to uplift the hearts of those who find them.

Thank you, Ann, for all that you do to heal our world!

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