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Labor Trafficking

While much of what the work we do focuses on sex trafficking here at Verity, we also work to end labor trafficking in Sonoma County and support survivors. Many folks we work with don’t identify what is happening in their lives as trafficking. That’s completely normal! We developed two brochures that help us when we are doing outreach in places with a high potential of trafficking, one in English and one in Spanish.

Download our English HT Brochure here.

Download our Spanish HT Brochure here.

There are different types of human trafficking, including labor and sex trafficking. Typically it includes the use of force, fraud or coercion to trick someone so that they perform work or sexual acts for the profit of the trafficker.

Your employer cannot legally:

  • Deny you food, water, or medical attention
  • Threaten to call ICE on you
  • Deprive you of access to your documents (driver’s licenses, social security cards, or passports)
  • Threaten to hurt your loved ones
  • Lie about your work duties
  • Make threatening gestures
  • Intimidate you to force you to do the job
  • Compel you to work or live in inadequate conditions
  • Force you to stay on the premises

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