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National Picture Book Month

While we all wish to protect children from the scary things that happen in our world this can leave them unprepared to recognize their rights, their power, and to know when something bad is happening to them. Giving our children knowledge and opening up age-appropriate conversations can protect them. We at Verity want to support local parents and caregivers in this and have started hosting groups for parents to learn how to, get support in talking about tough issues with kids and to cope when a tragedy does occur. We also offer our Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) to all schools or groups working with small children ages 4-10 which includes a hands-on coloring book for younger students to learn about safe and unsafe touch.

In honor of national picture book month, we wanted to add more support by taking the time to highlight some powerful books that address issues of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and empowerment for children. If you are looking for books to read with the children in your life that can help open up conversations about these difficult topics we suggest some of the books listed in our PDF resource: Empowerment Books Resource Guide 2018.

If you would like to inquire about our “Safe Touch, Unsafe Touch” coloring books, bring CAPP to a school near you, want to find out more about our parent groups, or would like to donate any of these books to these to our community library and teaching supplies please contact

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