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Keri’s Kids Gives Back

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful county where people who care about our community and work hard to make it even better every day. One such person is Keri Vellis. Keri is the author of two amazing children’s books, Sometimes and When I Was Little, that help kids who are grappling with issues like child abuse and being removed from their homes. Keri and her company donated 100 copies of these books to our agency so that we could share them with our community and use them with the kids who need them most.

They are wonderful books with emotive and fitting artwork. These books are going to be a huge asset to Verity and our work, and we are so grateful that Keri and Jin, the illustrator, are both a part of the Sonoma County community.

When I Was Little

Verity works with kids of all ages who have experienced trauma, primarily sexual abuse or trauma. When I Was Little gives kids a way to understand that talking about what happened can help kids feel better and heal. The book shows kids a situation that they can relate to in simple but powerful terms, and the situation is vague yet potent enough to be relatable to anyone who reads it. This book encourages bravery and resiliency in the kids who need it most, and for that, we are forever grateful.


Kids who have gone through the foster system have a higher likelihood of sexual abuse, so Verity has helped a number of foster children and foster parents navigate life post-trauma and post-placement. Sometimes is a book that shows these kids that they are not alone, and they are not weird or wrong for having been placed in a new home. We look forward to reading this book with the kids who need to see and hear these messages most.

Thank you Keri, for the wonderful gift of these books!

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