Crisis Line Counselor

Crisis Line Counselor

Crisis Line Counselor (CLC), Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

The Volunteer Crisis Line Counselor program offers you:

  • State Certification as a Sexual Assault Counselor, Penal Code 1035.2
  • Transferable career experience for those studying Social Sciences, Women’s and Gender Studies, Criminal Justice, Counseling and more!
  • Internship Hours and Letters of Recommendations.

Within the 48 hours of in-person training which we provide to you for FREE, you will receive:

  • 40.25 of qualifying hours towards your certification
  • Awareness of sexual assault and its effect on survivors.
  • Practical experience in crisis intervention and victim advocacy.
  • Training in hospital accompaniments and legal accompaniments.
  • Training in providing referrals.
  • Networking opportunities with service providers & professionals in & beyond Sonoma County.
  • A sense of community and the reward of making a difference in the lives of others.

Job Description

PURPOSE: To provide telephone and in-person crisis counseling, support, referrals, advocacy, and accompaniment services to survivors of sexual assault, their families and significant others.


  • To provide telephone crisis intervention, support, information and referrals to victims of sexual assault and abuse, their families and significant others.
  • To provide accompaniment and advocacy services to Verity clients.  This can include medical examinations, law enforcement interviews, and court appearances.
  • To provide follow-up contact with Verity clients according to their individual needs.
  • To document call information and return to Verity within 72 hours.  Call documentation can be provided via mail, email, or fax.  Stamped envelopes are available upon request for volunteers without access to a fax machine or email.
  • To take some weekend and overnight shifts to best allow the full-time Verity staff their downtime.


  • Prior to staffing our 24/7-crisis line, a 48-hour training course is required to receive state certification.  In addition to the 48 hours of class time, there will be 3 hours of video and 2 hours of take-home testing.  A substantial amount of reading is also required and not accounted for in the 48 hours.  The training is offered by Verity 3 times a year during the Summer, Fall, and Spring.
  • Upon completion of the training, a 6-month commitment is required. During this commitment, Crisis Line Counselors are required to complete a minimum 36 on-call hours per month for the first 6 months on the crisis line, which will include some weekend and overnight hours every month. The monthly hour commitment may vary and will be agreed upon by the Crisis Intervention Manager and the CLC trainee prior to the beginning of training, however, the minimum commitment is 216 hours.
  • Monthly mentorship meetings are held once a month and are 1 to 3 hours in duration, depending on the presentation. Crisis Line Counselors are required to attend at least 8 hours of the 12 meetings offered to maintain their state certification. As an alternative to the Monthly Mentorship Meetings, with prior approval, a CLC can provide proof of continued education in the area of sexual assault or advocacy.  Monthly Mentorship Meetings are typically held on weekday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


All training sessions are held at the Sonoma County Family Justice Center unless otherwise stated.  Individual shift coverage for the crisis line occurs at your home or a location of your choice that is quiet and fosters the confidential transfer of information.  Crisis calls are routed through an answering service and patched through to the CLC on call.


  • Applicants must have an interest in assisting sexual assault survivors and significant others.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Sexual assault survivors must be emotionally ready to assist other survivors and be no less than one year past their own assault/abuse.
  • Past or present perpetrators of sexual or physical abuse and/or any violent crime are NOT eligible to participate in crisis line training.
  • Counselors with a history of chemical dependency must be clean and sober for at least one year prior to training.
  • Knowledge of VERITY policies, procedures, and responsibilities.
  • Successful completion of 48 hours CLC training (40.25 credited hours). This training may involve additional hours according to particular areas of individual interest, at the discretion of the Crisis Intervention Manager.  Trainees agree to make up all missed sessions.
  • Ability to work with diverse communities, without regard to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious background, disability, age or other cultural differences.


  • 48 hours of initial training and continuation training which can apply to other counseling-related or social service jobs.
  • Entire training and crisis line hours can be used for internship credit.
  • Letters of recommendation for internship programs, graduate school, and employment purposes after completion of commitment.  Letters of recommendation will be provided upon request to Crisis Line Counselors in good standing.
  • Personal satisfaction for helping people in their time of need.
  • State Certified Crisis Line Counselor certification.


  • The application is completed by the applicant and reviewed by the Crisis Intervention Manager and Crisis Line Coordinator.
  • One in-person interview before training with the Crisis Line Coordinator and one in-person interview during training with the Executive Director or Crisis Intervention Manager.
  • Two references are required and they may either be academic, professional or personal, although personal is preferred.
  • Upon completion of training, all volunteers will be fingerprinted.
  • Must have valid Driver’s License, reliable transportation and proof of automobile insurance.


Application link: CLC Application

Contact the Crisis Line Coordinator:  or (707) 545-7270 ext. 24

Complete the CLC Application and return it and two letters of recommendation via email to