Christine Castillo, Executive Director

Chris earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University, with external work for her Master’s Degree in Psychology. Chris has over 40 years of experience with nonprofit organizations in Sonoma County, working with diverse populations and cultures, most recently working with the Youth Business Week of California (YBW.) She is committed to eliminating myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual assault and bringing our community together to become better informed, educated and able to speak out against sexual abuse. At Verity, Chris continues to pursue her passion for community collaboration.

You can email Chris at

Amanda Silva, Director of Operations

Amanda earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University. Her professional experience includes administration, human resources, training development. She is working on a Master’s in Social Work at CSU Long Beach. Her professional experience includes administration, human resources, training development and delivery at both start-up and Fortune 500 technology firms. Her volunteer work includes two years as a volunteer for the Family Connections, a program dedicated to supporting families transitioning out of homelessness. Her commitment to the mission of Verity began with a year and a half as a California State certified rape crisis counselor volunteer and serving on the Sonoma County Human Trafficking Task Force while she was Verity’s Director of Programs.

You can email Amanda at

Caitlin Quinn, Communications Coordinator

Caitlin was raised in Sonoma County and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in public policy. While studying at Cal, she was involved with the student organizing, government affairs, and nonprofit work for a variety of progressive causes in the Bay Area and Washington, D.C. After a year of getting reacquainted with what Sonoma County has to offer, Caitlin decided she wanted to do meaningful work in the community where she grew up and joined the Verity team in July 2016. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, hiking, mentoring teens and college students, and exploring Sonoma County with her dog.

You can email Caitlin at

Intervention Services Team

Jessica S, Crisis Intervention Manager

Jessica earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from the University of San Diego before earning her Master’s Degree in Public Health. Her experience includes many years working to support family health in many ways, through direct and consistent relationship engagement, by connecting children and their families to community social and health service. She served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador for 2 years as Health Specialist. Jessica enjoys traveling and reading the Harry Potter books. Jessica worked for Verity as the Outreach Advocate and as the Bilingual Human Trafficking Case Manager before becoming the Crisis Intervention Manager in the fall of 2018.

You can email Jessica at

Adriana F, Crisis Line Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Adriana was raised in Sonoma County and recently graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Before attending Sonoma State, Adriana attended the Santa Rosa Junior College where she earned two Associate’s Degrees: one in Social and Behavioral Science and another in Sociology to transfer to a four-year college. While Adriana was working towards her degrees, she volunteered at Valley of the Moon Children’s Home and worked at a mental health agency. She plans to continue her education and earn her Master’s Degree in Social Work so that she can further help populations in need. Outside of work, Adriana enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors.

You can email Adriana at

Desiree J, Probation Department Facilities Sexual Assault Counselor

Desiree earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Early Childhood Studies from Sonoma State University. Desiree comes from a background of working with at-risk and mental health youth as a case manager for truant students in our county. During her time at Sonoma State, she gained various types volunteer experience including working at a therapeutic preschool, presenting on domestic violence and healthy relationships, and working with the residents of Juvenile Hall as a volunteer in their Boys & Girls Club – which inspired her continued desire to work with at-risk youth. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and eating with good friends, traveling to new places, and exploring outdoors.

You can email Desiree at

Genevieve H, Human Trafficking Victim Advocate

Genevieve is originally from Sacramento, where she graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Social Work. She has experience working with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as experience working with victims of elder abuse. She also has a history of working part-time at the Sonoma County Juvenile Hall, so she has gained considerable experience working with victims of sexual assault and human trafficking inside the facility. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to music, cooking, eating what she cooks, and hiking. She loves to be active and enjoys being outdoors in nature. She is very dedicated to helping all of Verity’s clients and looks forward to contributing to this agency.

You can email Genevieve at

Georgina T, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, Verity & Petaluma Police Department

Georgina earned her Associate’s Degrees in both Social & Behavioral Science and Paralegal Studies from the Santa Rosa Junior College. Her experience includes many years working in a managerial position, as well as volunteering for different organizations in our community. Her commitment to Verity began as a volunteer in the fall of 2013. She started as the Crisis Line Coordinator in June 2014 and became a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate in 2015. Georgina loves to be able to apply her bilingual skills to help others.

You can email Georgina at

Jessica R, Bilingual Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, FJCSC

Jessica earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Women and Gender Studies at Sonoma State University in 2016. Her experience includes working with at-risk and emotionally disturbed youth in residential treatment as well as working with youth out in the local community. Jessica plans on pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work, to further help the youth in need. In her free time, she loves kicking the ball around with her friends and family.

You can email Jessica at

Johanna A, Adult Detention Facilities Sexual Assault Counselor

Johanna is finishing up her Associate’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at Santa Rosa Junior College. While at SRJC, Johanna co-founded the Queer Student Union. Her professional experience comes from a background of working as a residential counselor for emotionally disturbed and at-risk youth. Johanna previously volunteered as a Crisis Line Counselor at Verity from 2012-2013, which sparked her passion for advocacy work.

You can email Johanna at

Katie D, Sexual Assault Victim Outreach Advocate

Katie is working towards her BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology at Sonoma State University. Her experience includes working with at-risk and emotionally disturbed youth in residential treatment as well as outreach work in Los Angeles Skid Row. She has done internships at the Juvenile Hall Boys and Girls Club as well as FACES, an organization that helps low-income victims of violent crimes. Katie plans on pursuing her Master’s in Social Work and helping at-risk youth and foster youth who struggle with mental health. In her free time, she loves to hike and stay active while exploring new places.

You can email Katie at

Leni O, Bilingual Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, FJCSC

Leni earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Sonoma State University. She started volunteering on the crisis line at Verity in 2015 and recently joined the Verity team in August of 2017. Leni comes from a background working with at-risk youth as a residential counselor; she worked for four years at two local organizations prior to joining the Verity team. She has taken three semesters of American Sign Language and is completely fluent in Spanish.

You can email Leni at

Metzli P, Bilingual Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, FJCSC

Metzli is working towards earning her Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Santa Rosa Junior College.  She has been an active member of her community, volunteering at local events such as Levi’s Granfondo and helping community members around her. She loves lending a hand to those in need. Metzli is bilingual in Spanish and English, and enjoys applying this ability everywhere she can.  Verity has sparked her strong passion for advocacy for women, men, and children’s well-being and mental health.  After getting her Associate’s Degree, she plans to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Justice in order to create a change in her community. Metzli used to work part-time as Verity’s Crisis Line Coordinator/Administrative Assistant and part-time as a Sexual Assault Advocate before becoming a Bilingual Sexual Assault Victim Advocate based at the Family Justice Center.

You can email Metzli at

Counseling Services Team

Sharon Bergeron, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor

License Number 16164

Sharon has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for more than 30 years, specializing in clinical services to survivors of trauma — abuse, neglect, sexual assault, violence, and traumatic loss. Her work has included providing services to survivors of all ages — adults, teens, and children, as well as parents and families of child victims and survivors. Along with providing services in her private practice, Sharon has also taught graduate students as an Adjunct Professor in the MFT/Counseling Psychology Department at the University of San Francisco for 10 years, served as Clinical Director of a residential treatment program for women in recovery for 15 years and provided numerous trauma-related trainings for government- and community-based organizations. Her background and clinical experience encompass a range of trauma-informed approaches, including humanistic, psychodynamic, feminist, mindfulness-based, cognitive-behavioral and others, all within collaborative, strength-focused context. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Sharon also has a Master’s degree in English/Creative Writing, and an extensive background in Jungian psychology including Jungian Sand Play — and above all a deep trust in the creative, restorative power of the human psyche within us all.

You can email Sharon at

Amanda Abud, LMFT, Bilingual Therapist and Human Trafficking Therapist

License Number 89915

Amanda is a licensed, bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist, who has focused her career on working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  She spent several years as a program manager and case manager for domestic violence shelters in San Luis Obispo and Marin counties, before obtaining her Master’s in Counseling from Sonoma State University.  She worked as a Child Therapist and Clinical Manager at the Child Parent Institute from 2011-2017, focusing her work on treating survivors of child sexual abuse and helping children and families develop strategies to communicate about and overcome the impact of trauma on their lives.  She began providing counseling services at Verity in 2017 to serve the Spanish-speaking community and survivors of human trafficking. Amanda utilizes an integrative approach, applying evidenced-based practices through a lens of cultural awareness, and a client-centered, Feminist framework to promote empowerment, understanding, and healing.

Ann Clark, LMFT, Verity Therapist and FJCSC Counselor

License Number 102631

Ann began her work with Verity as a Trainee in 2012, and graduated from Sonoma State University in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Counseling – Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose work focuses on recovery from trauma, including developmental traumas of childhood. Ann uses a variety of interventions, drawing primarily from CBT, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness work. She also has experience counseling individuals in recovery from substance abuse and codependency. Recent studies and training in neuroscience inform Ann’s belief that our brains can be rewired to create more opportunities for joyful living. Ann also believes that life-changing events have deep wells of potential growth, and she feels privileged to serve as a guide and co-creator of new narratives for clients moving through them.

Katherine Nguyen, MFTI & PCCI, Verity Therapist

Katherine is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Professional Clinical Counselor Intern with a Master of Arts in Psychology from Brandman University.  Prior to joining Verity, Katherine worked at Catholic Charities with individuals, couples, and families to address a myriad of challenges, including depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and mental and physical abuse.  She also facilitated a women’s group on domestic violence and has experience teaching anger management skills.  Drawing upon techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Katherine believes in a collaborative approach where individuals build upon their existing strengths and play an active role to craft a life worth living. Katherine is fluent in Vietnamese.

Kentara Gaines, ASW, Detention Facilities Therapist

Kentara is a San Francisco native who has an immense amount of experience within capacities where trauma, abuse, and violence are present. Kentara is currently working to complete her required hours to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and is registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences as an Associate Clinical Social Worker. Kentara possesses both Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Social Work and has been serving high-risk communities and populations in the Bay Area for over 14 years. She also has credentials in Child Development, the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Africana Studies. It is very clear she is passionate about bridging gaps in mental health resources within communities of poverty, communities that are isolated, and for people who need these resources the most.

Prevention Services Team

Hayly P, Prevention Education Manager

Hayly was born in Southern California and raised here in Sonoma County. She obtained her BS in Human Foods and Nutrition for Dietetics with an emphasis in Community Development from the California Polytechnic University of Pomona. Her previous work experience includes working on a community development team as a health and wellness advisor and acting as a youth mentor. She also worked as the logistics coordinator for Sonoma County and the Child Parent Institute’s collaborative Mandated Reporting and Community Outreach Program for Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention. In the scope of all these projects, sexual assault and violence prevention has been a topic of discussion, education, and care. Hayly is excited to use her experience with these topics, as well as her background in community development and outreach, to promote the prevention of violence in our community.

You can email Hayly at

Joyce G, Bilingual Prevention Specialist

Joyce was born in New Jersey and was raised in Petaluma. She obtained two Associate’s Degrees in Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences from the Santa Rosa Junior College before graduating from Sacramento State University in 2015 with a B.A. in Sociology. She counts with over ten years of experience in the education field. Her previous work experience includes working with migrant students to help them achieve academic success in high school and earn a higher education. She also has experience working with autistic children as a Behavioral Interventionist. She loves her work as a Bilingual Prevention Specialist because she has the opportunity to raise sexual violence awareness to the community. During her free time, she loves spending time with her two young sisters and traveling the world.

You can email Joyce at

Maira N, Bilingual Prevention Specialist

Maira holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in applied statistics from Sonoma State University. She began volunteering with Verity as a rape crisis counselor and was first hired as the bilingual community educator from 2014 to 2016, and rejoined the team in the fall of 2018. Her previous experience includes volunteer work with disadvantaged young people, organizing for community empowerment, and teaching English abroad. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with friends and family, hiking and Aztec dancing.

Zach N, Prevention Specialist

Zach earned his J.D. from Fordham Law and was admitted to both the California and New York Bars. Zach previously worked for legal aid in New York, advocating for children in abuse, neglect, and delinquency cases through direct litigation in court and helping them to receive appropriate educational, medical health, mental and housing services. In California, Zach represented clients seeking restraining orders for domestic violence and co-facilitated a class about law and life skills for the youth of San Mateo. Before joining Verity as an employee, Zach volunteered with Verity’s Prevention Department.

You can email Zach at

Group Facilitator Team

Corrin A, “Healthy Relationships” Group Facilitator

Corrin became a facilitator after working with Verity as a dedicated Prevention Education volunteer.

Chris C, “Healthy Relationships” Group Facilitator

Chris became a facilitator after working with Verity as a dedicated Prevention Education volunteer.

Joyce G, “Girls Circle” Facilitator

See entry above.

Barbara L, “MyStrength” and “Healthy Relationships” Group Facilitator

Barbara earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and just received her Associates of Arts degree in Human Services: Advocacy from Santa Rosa Junior College in 2017. Barbara has a background in human resources, school administration, and advocacy, and wishes to apply her human services skills within the community here in Sonoma County. She is currently working with incarcerated youths as part of the MyStrength and Healthy Relationships programs, supporting teens in creating a healthier future for themselves from the inside out. Barbara is committed to supporting survivors and working to change the cultural paradigm that fosters sexual violence in our society.

Caitlin Q, “Girls Circle” Facilitator

See entry above.

Amanda S, “Girls Circle” Facilitator

See entry above.

Jessica S, “Girls Circle” Facilitator

See entry above.

Don’t know who to contact? Email for help!

You can get in touch with any of these fine folks by calling our main line at (707) 545-7270.