Client Comments

Testimonials from Past Clients


The comments below come from past clients that have been served through W.A.R., UASA, and now Verity.

Counseling Testimonials


“This has helped me tremendously. I’m glad I no longer feel alone and like I have to hold everything on my own shoulders.”

“My counselor is wonderful and makes me feel very comfortable. I feel much better about my self and am able to talk more about my rape and try to help other people who have been victims of rape or abuse. Thank you!”

“Even just the sound of my counselor’s voice is comforting and safe when I come to Verity.”

“My counselor gave me great tools to help eliminate anxiety and bring me closer to center. She also helped me with issues I hadn’t been aware of prior to counseling. Greatest thanks!”


“Okay, crying again.  I have been so lucky to work with all of you.”

“I like coming here.  It helps me in my life.”

“I’m immensely grateful for the program and the care and attention to both myself and my challenges. I have been able to build a golden road to my future whereas prior to being here I felt my options were bleak to none. Thank you.”

“Working with my counselor has absolutely been a transformative experience for me.”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. I feel I did a tremendous amount of growth and know how to have a lot more tools to be able to process my emotions.”

“I absolutely love coming here to therapy.  My counselor is great!  I am so grateful.”

“I’m happy to be able to express my feelings and problems with someone who can help me be free from it.”

“I’ve sought counseling at other establishments and have never felt the amount of increasing relief and self-confidence that I am gaining through Verity.  I’m thankful for finding out about Verity and happy to have been connected with my counselor.”

“Everything in my life has improved drastically since starting my time at Verity thanks to my counselor and the kindness of all the staff.”

“My group facilitator is gentle and helps me understand how others speak to me.”

“I know I talk a lot and fast.  I have a lot to say and I’m really, really glad to have gotten it all out of the end of my time at Verity.  My counselor is amazing.”

“My counselor is great.  She has not forced anything on me.  She always gives amazing advice.  I love her breathing exercises.”

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Girl’s Circle

“My facilitator didn’t judge me. She let me figure things out, but she really helped me to see it clearly.”

“My facilitator actually cares and worries and that’s a lot more than anyone could ask for.”

My Strength

“I wasn’t going to say a word in this group. But I talked a lot!”

“My facilitators really listened to me. It’s the only time a grown-up like listened to me.”

“I never thought about the words I used to describe girls. I’m gonna try not to disrespect them anymore.”

“I really didn’t think anyone cared. But my facilitators respected what I had to say. It was cool.”

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